Thursday, July 18, 2013

A much over due update

I have just returned from a 3 week stint at the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Pain Rehab program.  Turns out I've been dealing with a neurological disorder that affects the way my brain processes pain.  The crazy news is that it's kind of always going to be there. The good news is that after being in their care I know how I can work their program and eventually get back on my feet!  I am already feeling small improvements in the day to day.  Part of their process is to not look back or over discuss the situation too much so if you see me don't be surprised if we don't talk about it.  It's all positive stuff, focused goals and sticking to my schedule. With great hope and thankfulness I can honestly say that in 6 months there should be some good improvement in my day to day world. I may not be dancing the jig or typing a novel any time soon but I'm patient.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people in my life that have been endlessly supportive during the last 4 (yikes!) years. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the album fundraiser (the bands and the fans!) and thanks to Mike Sempert for putting it together!  The money raised by the fundraiser helped pay for my stay in Jacksonville last month! I couldn't have done it with out you.  Thanks to Bob Cross for putting together the first benefit show, to the bands that played & everyone that came out!  Thank you to everyone that sends me encouraging texts, fb messages and emails randomly and/or regularly, you have no idea how much they mean to me.  Thank you dear friends that have stuck by me even though I have been condsiderably less fun then I use to be. Thank you dear family for everything you do.

Basically just thank you everyone!  There is still a long road ahead but at least now I know how to proceed which is a great relief.

Friday, May 17, 2013


So I've been back from Jacksonville for about a week now. Settling back into my routine and processing everything.  I'm not quite ready to share what they told me since I still have another appointment here in Pensacola to do a test to rule out a possible theory.. but there is hope. and that is a good feeling that's been hard to come by these last few years. 

Thanks for your support!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Nice People & Nice Things

  There are an awful lot of nice people out there saying an awful lot of nice things about me in support of the Save The Amanda Comp Albums!!!  And while I hardly feel worthy of such kind words,  I thought I'd collect the pieces together and share them with you! 

    In addition to the album functioning as a fundraiser for me I sincerely hope that the artists featured here are able to reach new fans that maybe they wouldn't otherwise. Because like Nietzsche said, "Without music, life would be a mistake."  I tend to think that goes not only for the artists that live & love to make it, but also for those of us that are lucky enough to be in the audience! Besides! Studies have shown that listening to one new song every single day can help strengthen and improve our brain's neural network... which might help combat Alzeimer's. So if you think about it, maybe this compilation album can do us all some good. Here's to hoping!

Filter Magazine       SF Weekly        iheartcomix       Manhattman       JP'S Music

 PS: I've heard there has been a little confusion.. There are two full albums! Volume 1 & 2 are  separate. Follow the link above and look in the right column of your browser window under "Discography " to navigate between the two albums. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today Is The Day!!!!!

Save The Amanda fundraiser compilation album has hit the virtual shelves!!!!! 2 albums, 40 amazing tracks of all genres from 40 generous and awesome bands!! Something for everyone I promise! Go get it!

Listen, Donate & Download at

I'm at the mayo clinic in Jacksonville, fl right now getting lots of tests done. Everyone has been so amazingly nice and supportive! They are laying out a treatment plan right now and I should know more by the end of the week! Fingers crossed! :)

Thank you for all of the love, support & generosity now and for the past 3.5 years. I couldn't do this without you.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hey everyone!!! Well it's finally time to make the trip! Me and mom are on the road right this minute heading to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fl. Cross all you're fingers and toes! First apt is early in the morning. I'll keep ya posted!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Save The Amanda Compilation Album!

April 30th!!!
 I am thrilled to let you know that the Save The Amanda Compilation Album is going to be released end of this month! It will include 2 Volumes and 40 Tracks from amazing bands including John Vanderslice, Mike Sempert, Radiation City, DOOMbird, Tartufi & Tres Ferocious (feat. Petey Damnit from Thee Oh Sees).  I hope you will donate big and enjoy each and every track that these generous and endlessly talented musician have put together!  It's all about community and I'm overwhelmed by how the music community has come together to support me.  I love you guys! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

It's almost Mayo TIME!

We are in the final count down to my consult with Dr. Rizzo at the Mayo Spine Center! Ten days left!!! Woohoo!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New news!

Next month I'll be heading to the Mayo clinic spine center in sunny Jacksonville, Fl for a meeting with a doctor there that has agreed to look at my case! From what I understand they work in groups with doctors of all different specialties to help identify and fix what's wrong with folks. I'm very excited to make the journey. In lieu of the impending avalanche of medical bills my dear friends Mike and Ben have generously been working on putting together a compilation album to help raise money for my medical bills. It's a truly kind and heart warming offer that I hope you will help make a success! More details to come! If you would like to get involved please email us at helpsavetheamanda at